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1.5 Hours

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Block Bookings

Book and pay for your lessons upfront and get some great discounts. You can take as many lessons each week as you like.

*Please see further information below

Block Booking cost

The more you buy the more you save, below you can see the saving made by booking & paying upfront based on our standard lesson price

8 x 1.5 hour lessons Block Booking


You save £20.00

10 x 1.5 hour lessons Block Booking


You save £30.00

14 x 1.5 hour lessons Block Booking


You save £40.00

18 x 1.5 hour lessons Block Booking


You save £60.00

The ultimate all inclusive package

         Block Booking special                    includes: 25 x 1.5 hour lessons, the booking of your practical test, the pre test lesson and the use of the car on the test.


£1420.00Incs: Driving test fee



You save £112.00 & includes your driving test

*Please note all prices are exclusive of the Theory test & driving test fees.

Why should you choose a 1.5 hour lesson?

 Studies have shown that 1.5 hour lessons are far more beneficial to a pupil rather than a

1 hour or 2 hour lesson.

If a pupil was to have a 1 hour lesson they will find it is too short to be able to recap the last lesson, discuss what they will be learning on the current lesson, and relax into their drive, and before they know it, they are on the way back home.

On the other hand  a pupil who is to have a 2 hour lesson may find it can be too long and will start to switch off. This means your lesson then becomes counter productive.

So if you have a 1 or a 2 hour lesson you are more likely to spend more money and it will take longer for you to reach a good safe test standard.

A 1.5 hour lesson gives you enough time to discuss what you need too, and have enough driving time to maximise your learning portential whilst staying fully focused, meaning you will reach a good test standard in a much shorter time, but still having a thorough knowledge of the rules of the road, feeling fully confident to drive sale for life unaccompanied.

Test Fees:

Test Fees

Test fees effective from 01 October 2014

Theory Test

All Standard Categories


Practical test Weekdays



Practical test Weekend and Weekday evenings (after 4:30pm)



Extended test for Disqualified drivers Weekdays



Extended test for Disqualified drivers Saturdays