Theory Test :

Valid for Theory Tests taken from …September 2008

Theory Test

The driving theory test has two parts, part one is a multiple choice test of 50 questions and part two is a hazard perception test of 14 video clips in which you will have to identify 15 developing hazards.

The multiple choice section has questions based on the following government produced books:

The Highway Code,

Know your traffic signs and

The relevant driving skills book

You can purchases numerous apps from both the apple and android stores. ask your instructor for the names of the apps they have received good feedback from.

Books and computer CDs are available from most high street book shops and from the DVSA official online bookstore - the link below will take you to the DSA bookstore website.

Although this part of the study is mainly from these books, you will have the chance to practice via our site and your instructor will help you to clarify any questions you may not fully understand.

Hazard Perception Test

The hazard perception test measures your ability to recognise potential and developing hazards. Your instructor will be helping to learn to identify these hazards as soon as you begin to learn to drive.

The pass mark for the multiple choice section is 43 correct answers out of 50 questions.

The pass mark for the hazard perception section is 44 points out of a possible 75.

However, you must pass both sections at the same time to pass this test. Once you have passed this test you will be given a Theory Pass certificate, which you must keep safe.

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